The Sanctum Collective employs the most passionate designers and architects to elevate your space to the next level.



Looking for the right spatial design that suits your lifestyle, as we know the environment we stay in affect us. so come and explore with us!


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Warm cozy space to welcome the couple as they get home after work


A modern touch to the European style walk-in wardrobe, keeping her addicted to the space


A bright, open space for a family to spend quality time together


A popular hybrid design style that plays with both warm and cool furniture and fixtures to complement each other, making the space feel lively


A cozy apartment with warm palettes, and a touch of accent pieces and colours to complete it


A warm place coupled with simple framing and intricate details


A comfy office, using the combination of natural and artificial materials; wood & concrete, to establish a balance, finished up with warm lighting


A luxurious restaurant, in a compatible setting, with the suitable design style, for the customers to enjoy every moment they are there